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Let’s face it you cannot accomplish your goals & grow in your business if you do not have your business systems in place.

Creating repeatable processes in your business is the key to forward momentum. Allowing your business to grow because you have time to do the important work or take on others to delegate some of that work.

It’s time to let go of the notion that you need to do it all.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

“I’ve tried to hire help – but I spend more time answering questions than when I was just doing the work myself!

“The processes for doing things in my business are all in my head …or sticky notes around my computer!

I make task lists but when I get busy, I fall behind and sometimes miss a step.”

“Connecting the tech bits to my website IS on my To-do list but oddly it somehow always remains at the very bottom.”

“I’ve woken up at 3 am wondering – Did I send that email to client x? or is it still in my drafts?”

“I don’t have all my business assets (copy, images, graphics, account info, branding guide, etc) organized and in one place. It often takes 15 + minutes (or more) to find something.”

“I’m doing 99.9% of my business manually and I know I need a CRM or some type of automation – but I have no freaking idea where to start!”

I’m confident that one day I’ll understand all of this, but WOW! I’m glad I hired you when I did, there’s no way I could have figured any of this out without lots of blood, sweat, and tears!

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What if you could...

knock out just ONE these items from your list?

Client Journey mapped and setup in Dubsado (or 17hats, Honeybook)

Setup of client project management templates in Clickup, Trello or Plutio

Business Hub Dashboard for easy access to all your important assets. (Brand colors, Bio bits, Branded Images and Graphics) all in one place!

Software Stack Analysis and Strategy to meet your current need (+ room for growth)

Client Onboarding Process defined and either implemented in a CRM tool or Project Management tool.

Streamlined online file storage & organization.

If one of those projects were done & dusted …what could you do with that extra – – Time? Head space? Income?

And... if I told you we can
do it in a DAY!!

no more drawn out months long projects!

Introducing my

(Book me for a Day Solution)

Why Work This Way?

Dedicating a full day to work solely on YOUR Project
is so much more efficient and focused!

Doing projects in this intensive manor eliminates the time wasted on task/project switching.

We get focused and stay in the zone and the results are truly amazing!

 PLUS at the end of the day we have work that is live and ready to go!

Planning + Focus & Collaboration = Amazing Results

To be totally transparent there is prep work that happens prior to your Biz Muse Intensive. It varies by the type of project we are tackling and it’s a critical component to the success of your Intensive. 

I’m dedicating the full day to you and your project – so you must commit to your side of our collaboration.

You’ll be so spoiled by our day together – you’ll never want to work projects the old stop & start way again.

Wondering What Systems I Can Help You With?

  • Client Relationship Management Tools
    • Dubsado (I’m a Dubsado Certified Specialist)
    • 17hats (great for Biz with multiple calendar needs or associate staff)
    • HoneyBook
  • Back Office Organization
    •  Project Management Tools
      • Clickup, Plutio, Trello
        • Tool selection
        • Setup Strategy
        • Template and automation setup.
    •  Setup of Communication & Collaboration Tools
      • Slack, Milanote, Notion, Nimbus Note, Dropbox Paper, Craft
  • Business Process Mapping
    • Internal Processes
    • Client Journey 
    • Software Stack connection and cross over points.
    • Marketing & Content Creation Process
  • Automation + Workflows
    • CRM workflows
    • Zapier Automation
    • Workflow process documentation

Can your project really be done in a day?

Yes very likely!

However, the scope what you need done will determine how many days will be needed.

Schedule your
Biz Muse Intensive
Prepare for your
Biz Muse Intensive
Biz Muse Intensive
Day of Magic
(we do the work)
Zap that Project off your List!

Biz Muse Intensives

Full Day $1800

Half Day $900

I'm ready, let's do this!

Meg Goodman does an amazing job of quickly setting up your Dubsado. She really understands the direction you want to take your CRM and explains it in video so that you can go back and watch again if you’re forgetful like me. I highly recommend Meg to help build your CRM so that your business can run smoothly.

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Wondering what is included
in a Biz Muse Intensive?

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