strategy + setup + tech

There are lots of moving pieces and oh so many tech options for jumping into the course creators arena. 

I can help you formulate an action plan for your content and business goals. 

We’ll start with mapping out how this will fit into your business model and that will help you determine your software and tech needs for your course and it’s marketing funnel.

It’s time to let go of the notion that you need to do it all.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

“I’ve been teaching live course and want to scale with moving it online …but have no idea where to start.”

“I’m ready to scale my business with courses but a bit overwhelmed with all the options. And I don’t want to necessarily put the cart before the horse and spend money before I proof out my ideas… but everything that is easy = pricey

“I’ve been coaching for years and a wealth of material I’d like to turn into courses and reach more people but don’t want to deal tech bits so I keep putting it off.

“I want to drop a lower end 1:1 service from my offerings – but have it as a DIY course to offer to leads that can’t afford my entry level service. How the heck to I make that pivot?”

“I’m stuck in analysis paralysis …do I build courses, start a membership or both?”

“Meg is a life saver. She knew exactly what I was looking for to expand my brand with courses. Meg was able to take my existing content from working with 1:1 clients and morph it into online products. Meg is professional and knowledgeable (as well as fun and passionate). I highly recommend her!”

Dawn H. - Encompassing You

Wondering What I Can Help You With?

  • Course Platforms
    • MemberVault 
    • Kajabi
    • Thinkific
    • ThriveCart Learn
    • SuiteDash
  • Platform Selection & Strategy & Account Setup
  • Course Organization & Buildout
    • Content plan
    • Branding
    • Assets development (workbooks, downloads, etc)
  • Marketing Tech Setup
    • Offer and Checkout
    • Tech connections and automation
    • Email sequence setup to support products
    • Landing/Sales Pages

Can your project really be done in a day?

Yes very likely!

However, the scope what you need done will determine how many days will be needed.

What if you could...

knock out just ONE these items from your list?

Select your perfect Course Platform and have it branded and ready for your content.

Have your MemberVault account setup, customized to your Biz branding, & course framework & assets setup.

Kajabi Website customized to match your branding or replace your current website.

All your freebie/opt-ins build out in you Member Vault. For easy access and delivery to your list sign-ups!

Kajabi Launch Sequence setup and ready to go!

Membership buildout in your platform of choice.

Your tiny product course setup and ready to go in your platform of choice.

You signature course setup and ready to go in your platform of choice.

Create your Course Outline & Sales Page to
PRE- SELL it before you create it!!!!
- Get paid to create it with a Beta Testing Round.

If one of those projects were done & dusted …what could you do with that extra – – Time? Head space? Income?

And... if I told you we can
do it in a DAY!!

no more drawn out months long projects!

my done-for-you solution

Biz Muse Intensive

Why Work This Way?

Dedicating a full day to work solely on YOUR Project
is so much more efficient and focused!

Doing projects in this intensive manor eliminates the time wasted on task/project switching.

We get focused and stay in the zone and the results are truly amazing!

PLUS at the end of the day we have work that is live and ready to go!

Planning + Focus & Collaboration = Amazing Results

To be totally transparent there is prep work that happens prior to your Biz Muse Intensive. It varies by the type of project we are tackling and it’s a critical component to the success of your Intensive. 

I’m dedicating the full day to you and your project – so you must commit to your side of our collaboration.

You’ll be so spoiled by our day together – you’ll never want to work projects the old stop & start way again.

How does it work?

Schedule your
Biz Muse Intensive
Prepare for your
Biz Muse Intensive. You'll have some homework after our mapping session.
Biz Muse Intensive
Day of Magic

(aka. I build out the thing!)
Zap that Project off your List!

& relish in the life changing automagical goodness that is likely the result of our work 😉

I'm ready, let's do this!

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