Hey Busy Entrepreneur!

Those goals/plans on your never-ending biz task list
do not need to be month(s) long projects!

We can can knock it out in a day!

I know you have big plans for your biz!

BUT ...you are too busy working "in" your biz to step away and work "on" it.

I know your business is your passion & heart. That you are doing your

best to make a difference in your corner of the globe (and beyond)

BUT the problem is

you just can’t keep adding more to your list – it’s full already!

You need to work smarter …taking things off your list and keeping them off!

this is where I come in

Biz Muse Intensive

I will be your very own Biz Muse – focusing my expertise solely on your project for the entire day!

Collaborating together we will knock out those items from your list.


Planning + Focus & Collaboration = Amazing Results

You’ll be so spoiled by our day together – you’ll never want to work projects the old stop & start way again.


I’m equal parts creative and techy. I’m a big picture strategy thinker as well as an implementor (yeah, that is rare).

I’m obsessed with all things productivity, systems and automation (I often process map in my sleep. Yes that is a bit weird but I own it!).  I’m a software geek with a eye for design and an intuitive trainer.

I’m a entrepreneur that sells products, creates courses and markets just like you!

All that does drop me into a magical unicorn zone...to your benefit! I can give you strategy, implementation and training for you and/or your team on how to utilize your setup | process | software.

~ Meg


What if you could...

knock out just ONE these items from your list?

Client Journey mapped and setup in Dubsado (or 17hats, Honeybook)

Landing Page/Opt-in Page Funnel

MemberVault Branded & ready to rock!

Kajabi Course Setup

Client Onboarding Process IN MemberVault (can you say scale!)

Automated Email Sales Sequence

if one of those projects were done & dusted …what could you do with that extra – – Time? Head space? Income?

I can help you take action


strategy + software + automation

Let’s face it you cannot accomplish your goals & grow in your business if you do not have your business systems in place.

Creating repeatable processes in your business is the key to forward momentum. Allowing your business to grow because you have time to do the important work or take on others to delegate some of that work. Let go of the notion you need to do it all.

Click below to see what life changing biz systems magic we can work in only one a day!


Design + tech + Automation

Does just the word “funnel” give you a tension headache? 

Contrary to what you may have read – your business may not need all the bells & whistles of an email sequence that leads to a webinar that leads to a sales page pitch, that leads to a buy now page (with a count down timer!)… oh me, oh my!  Are you hyperventilating yet? 

Click below to see what we can knock off your marketing list in just a day!


Strategy + SEtup + tech

 There are lots of moving pieces and oh so many tech options for jumping into the course creators arena. 

I can help you formulate an action plan for your content and business goals. 

We’ll start with mapping out how this will fit into your business model and that will help you determine your software and tech needs for your course and it’s marketing funnel.

Click below to see what we can get done for your course project in a day!

“I knew I wanted to use Dubsado for my business, but also knew that getting it up and running would be hard for me. Hiring Meg was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself and my business. She is a pleasure to work with! She spent time setting up this program for me, but more importantly she clearly walked me through each and every detail of the process. She sent videos and instructions along the way, detailing everything she was doing. She consulted with me about the options I wanted to use. She even helped me connect Dubsado to my website. I knew from my first video conference with Meg that working together was going to be a pleasure, and it was! I highly recommend her services!”

Johanna S. - Sleep Soundly Consulting

Schedule your
Biz Muse Intensive
Prepare for your
Biz Muse Intensive
Biz Muse Intensive
Day of Magic
(we do the work)
Zap that Project off your List!

I'm ready, let's do this!

Does this sound familiar?

“I’ll work out my opt-in funnel once things slow down?”

“My course is almost ready.”

“Did I send that email to client x? or is it still in my drafts?”

“I know what my processes are but no one else does.”

“Connecting the tech bits to my website IS on my To-do list but oddly it somehow always remains at the very bottom.”

“Do I need an all in one course platform…before my course even sells? why is this so complicated?

Meg Goodman does an amazing job of quickly setting up your Dubsado. She really understands the direction you want to take your CRM and explains it in video so that you can go back and watch again if you’re forgetful like me. I highly recommend Meg to help build your CRM so that your business can run smoothly.

Megan C. - Slumberfeed

Looking for my Sleep Coach Dubsado Course?

 Self-Paced version is live. Come check it out.

Next round of Group Setup is in September!

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